Water spurts incredibly
Clear up under simple feel
And that is how
We drank water

A loon fled
Into water
Because a raven
Could not dive
Or swim. Only spinning is a star
Dizziness simple
Ceremony appeasing weather
With you sky, with for you sky
A feeling a sky
Heartfelt redolent in June
Roses fume. May day
Perpetual field of velvet horizon
At a slant is the unicorn’ s mane
Realization from seed to flower
We made contact chalices
Filled, a sticky sweet

Oenone in layers tissue white
Garb blooming staunchly
Against salt caking waves
Tosses the self
Secret she has into the sea
A volume into silence
Liquid shadow engulfing liquid
Ruin. Dumbess as condition
In generalization
Sea flowers join
Her hair. A music hummed
In the mind otherwise mute
In sedge hats we walk along pulling
Iris and water oats for our vases

Lysistrata’ s cool
Logical edge
Lance leaved
Linear leaves
Untoothed edges

Note the fringed beards
And the relatively short
Spurs on this deep yellow
Orange species. Spur
Shorter than that deeply
Fringed lip. Sepals rounded
And curved inward. Thickets