Bruce Covey


Self Help

A chicken soup for the rainbow lover’ s soul.
A chicken soup for the lover of chicken soup.
A carnage of birds, a devastation.
Chicken soup for the dried-up garden —
It’ s been a lousy summer sucking us dry.
Chicken soup for the grocery list.
Chicken soup for unwanted potatoes.
Chicken soup for extinct animals.


Tune yr sandwich to the key of C
Make biscuits in kitchen B

Miss Scarlet with her lead pipe
Waits behind the cupboard door

Clubs one from the other limp
Only to begin again innocent

& nothing to do but gather into
Legion gather into constellation

Coming along then a spider its web
Holds the walls together holds the floor

Up gathers toward a central point
Mean & distribution derivation

To insert a thumb & see what sticks
Past the earth’s crust cirrus