Fay Zwicky


Letting Go

Tell the truth of experience
they say they also
say you must let
go learn to let go
let your children

and they go
and you stay
letting them go
because you are obedient and
respect everyone’ s freedom
to go and you stay

and you want to tell the truth
because you are yours truly
its obedient servant
but you can’ t because
you’ re feeling what you’ re not
supposed to feel you have
let them go and go and

Soup and Jelly

“Feed Fred and sit with him
and mind he doesn’ t walk about.
He falls. Tell him his ute is safe
back home. Thinks someone’ s pinched it,
peers around the carpark all the time.
His family brought him in it and
he thinks it’ s gone.
He was a farmer once...”

I take the tray. The ice-cream’ s almost
melted round the crumbled orange jelly
and the soup’ s too hot. I know
I’ ll have to blow on it.