Inger ChristensenSusanna Nied


from Letter in April: VII

On the street
with our money
in our hands,
buying bread
and scattering breadcrumbs
for the bluish
to see
the fire eater,
the cigarette swallower
and the dead vagabond
who breathes.
the palm tree
that sighs
at night.
Saying a few words
to the staring
stone figure
above the gate.
and rushing
as if chased.
In the cool kitchen
we prepare
and arrange our food.

from Light: Winter

Winter is out for a lot this year
the beach already is stiff
all will be one will be one this year
wings and ice will be one in the world
all will be changed in the world:
the boat will hear its steps on the ice
the war will hear its war on the ice
the woman will hear her hour on the ice
the hour of birth in the ice of death
winter is out for a lot.
Out for the houses the cities
out for the forests the clouds
the mountains the valleys fear
the heart the children peace.