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black herman’s last asrah levitation at magic city, Atlanta 2010

This exclusive shit I don’ t share with the world.
50 Cent
I, Herman, made medicinal — concocted potions in ways my former’ s was hearsay;
Turned palomas christened Zora on to formulas husbands roll over n mitzvah.

I, a black lad, proud Virginian, selling out Liberty Hall n pinched w/ stickpins
in Woodlawn, do bequeath my next-to-last oratory:

My First Black Nature Poem™

there is a dark mass following me. these legs are clumsy. they flap quickly.
I want to slow them down. but my nerves. Lord, these pensive endings.

the sun slumps against the merging fall on red leaves.
and where the natives are unenlightened, the mass comes closer.

only white people swim in lakes nowadays
you know... Crystal Lake?