Olivia Clare


Don Giovanni

Women asleep. Carlight,
east red and west white.

Women, and men made of them,
and lambs in their droves, and power lines east

to the women-made men and women of men,
when a man is a sum
of what women he knows, and I

blurred my vision till I
saw a woman and lambs in the streets,
west red and white east,

and I wanted to eat. Women and men,
don’ t fear me, I am
a hand come to wake her. Red

in the west says
woman is man is woman is man.

Enoch’s Blocks

Little Enoch learned his colors from lettered blocks

(for a is the color of fleet,
b is the color of war and demolition,
c is the color of echo and blur,
& c.) and built
a bricolage:

So cab was a whirring warbler.
bach was the Spanish Armada crashing
and crashing.
And enoch he couldn’ t describe.

And when it reached the height of Enoch,
standing, he tore whole tongues
down to their colors.