Peg Boyers


Agony in the Garden

At supper he whispers something in your ear,
the Judas boy, who wants you.

We go to the garden where it’ s cool
and wait.

From my place against the tree
I see you through the window,

watch as you walk from door to desk,
reach into your pocket,

pull out your wallet, empty it and leave it by the lamp,
pick up a pen, lean over to write, then don’ t,

take something heavy from the drawer, put it back
then sweep the money into a paper bag.

La Tuvería or An Earring’s Lament

En Cuba tuve —

I’ m tired of hearing your complaints.
All that whining about el exilio, the tragedy of loss,

In Cuba I had —

the catalogue of things, the status, the riches,
the opulence of it all.

I had a mate. We were a pair. Our mistress was young. We
were young. We would dangle on her ear

Concentrate on what you have.
Forget the past.

and go out on the town. Mojitos at La Floridita,
dancing at the Tropicana and later

No, don’ t tell me about later.