Tyrone Williams



Thar he blows! Plus, tusks
crushed into grins, grins
host to, guest of, impish

Nature, her fort/da “jewels”
glassified behind blank
opposable pupils — Ahabit perfected

(“perhaps memory”) by/for the dicey
Veil. Auto-didact/-dialectics
staged in rent-to-rent

“crowded houses,” asea to har-har-
poon Terrible Tom’ s tom-tom
stutter — VAC C. Gone

but for “language, music,
imitation and perhaps memory.”
Owns no umbrella to forget to splay

Wild Kingdom

This is your foreign correspondent,
Aristotle, for The Poetics,
reporting live from the Mediterranean
where the skulls and bones of a few Egyptians
crown the tradeships of His Majesty,
wave back and forth:
starfish — moons — Februaries.

To my right, our military advisor,
Hernando Cortez,
oversees operations at the Aztec/
Mexican border
where to the left of a stone no longer rising from water
a dove collects
its nest egg
upon the skeleton of a hummingbird.

Written By H'Self

The signature public
the only avant-garde
behind invention

wheelchairs (in) "the street."
Type (A) bleeds through the page —
or screen — it becomes —

a pool as it we're
one drop rules(.)
Individual talent

divides tradition
into tithes, tenths
and nationalized tribes —

market share erosion.
Staggered Lees

piggyback the Gap.
John Henry — busted by Keaton.
Gentlemen, 'e thinks,

as the bespoken,
it was the other
kind of happy