Tom Raworth


Beautiful Habit

as the door opened

please listen to this
food alone for all
the f. b. i. will continue

maybe you dozed off
i hung by that phone all night
suppose he talks






once upon a time
not looking for any thing


you’ re on
your own
it’ s off
it’ s on


perhaps it means
ragged like that
golda my-yeer


and pour the old box
down a drain


Gracious Living(((span class="indent3"/))) ‘Tara’ 

lonely as four cherries on a tree
at night, new moon, wet roads
a moth or a snowflake
whipping past glass

lonely as the red noses of four clowns
thrust up through snow
their shine four whitened panes
drawn from imagined memory

lonely as no other lives
touching to recorded water
all objects stare
their memories aware

lonely as pain
recoiling from itself
imagining the cherries
and roses reaching out

The University of Essex

1. gone to lunch back in five minutes

night closed in on my letter of resignation
out in the square one of my threads had broken loose
the language i used was no and no
while the yellow still came through, the hammer and the drills

occasionally the metabolism alters
and lines no longer come express
waiting for you what muscles work me
which hold me down below my head?

it is a long coat and a van on the horizon
a bird that vanishes the arabic
i learn from observation is how to break the line