Douglas Kearney


Jim Trueblood: Father of the Year

there was a remember when the mama was my girl
the mama was in my girl biding to turn
my girl turn mama when what I got turn to girl in her
my girl in my girl make my girl mama
they both mine
all three

I remember a when when I only dreamed dreams
but my dreams are remembers now
they a when

Kronos: Father of the Year

my mouth a cunt in reverse and my guts, nuts.
I nose the dark nursery, belly for my dick spurting ink at shit.

Fire. Arrow.
Water. Shadow.
you know no kid’ s name a word, but some shit-to-do.
no kid ain’ t shit but a map to its folk
traced by its folk to where they buried their folk.

took that shit that made me to make me make myself myself,
rolled in on papa’ s red nuts like they a fucking chariot.

these days my guts stay aching. my head an empty crib.