Robert Fernandez



At once this dragnet of cousins
Whips its way into your presence saying
None of them among us. They are
Oracles on the court of midnight,
The tight filigree of a mind or your
Splashing around in, your pandemonium
Of copper graffiti inexpertly put up.
They make weapons of furled hands.
“We will walk, but our bones will carry
Ribbons of lead, or we will, like
Acrobats mill-headed in 3s (3 blades,
3 hips, 3 tongues), answer to what comes
Before, what comes before?” Eleousa,
Master of Dark Eyelids, eye opening


Melt the fat around the heart;
Leave only muscle.

For us

Only muscle;

Only trim the fat
To depth.

And, even if you
Nick the heart,

If you tear it
Or scratch it,

If you slice a petal off it,
Don’ t sweat it.

Be mindful only
That you leave the muscle

Sheared of  fat.

Or you can
Char the heart,

Melt down the fat,
Then eat it

With fucking
Fava beans.

Whatever you do,
Be sure